Public Bank offers Internship in Head Office Divisions and Regional Office nationwide that hone your professional skills in relation to your career objectives while fulfilling your academic requirements. As one of our young apprentice bankers, you will gain hands-on working experience with the guidance of dedicated coaches. To ensure we hire the best quality of Public Bankers, Internship serves as a platform to evaluate, screen and cultivate a talent pipeline of highly trained potential employees.

The opportunities to have my decisions trusted and my ideas respected, along with the guidance from dedicated mentors have been valuable for my growth and development. It was the reason why my internship was an enlightening experience and it is why I decided to continue my journey here upon graduation.
- Nellisa, Human Capital Management
My internship experience has expanded my knowledge in Financial Technology and Project Management. Apart from learning new things and gaining deeper understanding on my areas on interest, I was able to meet different people and build new connections which enabled me to grow on a personal and professional level.
- Whitney, Digital Banking
My internship has provided me with the opportunity to discover new knowledge about the banking industry that is beyond the scope of any classroom learning. Not only that, I am now able to develop better professional engagement with different stakeholders thanks to the guidance from my helpful mentor.
- Chan, Credit Administration

Placement Experience

Various business units within our:
  • Head Office: Menara Public Bank
  • Regional Office Nationwide
IT exposure in:
  • IT & Training Centre Bangi
  • Digital Banking
  • Credit Administration
  • Banking Operations
  • Information Technology
  • Risk Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Hire Purchase Operations
  • Trustee Services

Intake & Duration

Internship is offered all year round.
Minimum duration: 2 months


  • Applicable for Malaysian citizens.
  • Undergraduates (from an accredited university) who are in their final and penultimate year with a strong academic track record and a minimum CGPA of 3.00.
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be notified within 3 weeks from the date of submission.