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As one of the most  Efficient,   Profitable  and   Respected   Premier   Financial   Institutions  in  Malaysia,  we are the market leader in financing of residential properties, commercial properties, passenger vehicles as well as in sales and management of unit trust fund in the country.

To ensure our passion to deliver the best is shared by all employees, we nurture and energise them to partake in our game plans to perpetuate the Public Bank Success Story.


The hallmark of many successful businesses lies in having a shared vision, common objectives, a clear sense of purpose and values amongst its employees. In Public Bank, our core values are :

Deliver Excellence Together

Taking pride in our work is a key driver for us to give our best, go that extra mile, exceed expectations and create a pleasant experience in all aspect of our service delivery as a team.

Ethics And Integrity

To inspire trust and confidence from our customers, share holders, public and amongst our employees, all of us are expected to act with integrity and ethics in all our dealings.

Innovate For Progress

To foster success for ourselves, we constantly seek fresh insights that meet evolving needs in the market.  All employees are encouraged to take ownership and proactively spot problems, fire off ideas and strive to improve things that are just fine so that we are ever ready to adapt to changes and be at the forefront.


Human Capital Development has always been an important component to support our preference to grow talent internally.

To  give  the  crucial  ‘edge’ to our employees’ career development/performance,  our purpose-built Knowledge & Learning Centre serves as the hub to deliver extensive training and development solutions & resources for employees to unlock their potential and propel them to broader and higher levels of excellence in the Bank.

Employees can choose to learn through various learning channels; from instructor-led learning and web-based training to e-Books, videos and everything in between.


Our integrated suite of wellbeing programmes designed to enhance the employees’ quality of life and welfare include the provision of :
  • Fair and competitive remuneration : the merit-based compensation policies are regularly bench-marked against industry trend to ensure employees are remunerated competitively and equitably.

  • Health and safety : a comprehensive medical benefit scheme covers specialist treatment and hospitalisation for employees and their immediate family.

  • Low interest/interest free staff housing loans/vehicle loans/special loans : to assist staff to meet their personal needs at attractive financing rates.

  • Flexible working arrangement : attractive annual leave scheme, extended maternity leave, sabbatical leave, examination leave etc. to enable our employees to have the flexibility to plan for their vacation, recreation or to attend to their family obligations.

  • Income replacement plans : insurance coverage and attractive retirement schemes allow employees to sustain quality lifestyle should they cease employment under unfortunate circumstances or when they retire from service.

  • Performance-based reward system : a comprehensive performance assessment systems supports our pay for performance philosophy and ensure performing employees are amply rewarded for their efforts and contributions.

  • Career progression : we accord equal opportunities for career advancement based on merit. The velocity of advancement for  employees is dependent on their level of performance, contribution and their readiness to hit the ground running.

  • Better deals ahead : to encourage employees to strive for career progression, we accord other defined benefits and perks to employees as they progress up the corporate ladder to assume bigger roles and responsibility.


We believe that through customer, employee, shareholder and community engagement, we are working together to help communities thrive and contribute to the long term success and sustainability of our business. Our CR key initiatives include responsible business practices, environmental sustainability, investing in helping local communities advance.