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The Bougainvillea is the corporate flower of the Public Bank Group.

The flower was adopted based on its characteristics which are similar to our Group's role as reflected in its corporate philosophy.

Bougainvillea - a plant which flowers throughout most of the year, is found in various shades, ranging from deep magenta to pure white including purple, orange, red, scarlet and crimson pink. The wide variety of colours of the Bougainvillea represent the diversity of the Public Bank Group's clientele as well as its range of services.

Moreover, the mosaic of colours epitomise the multi-racial composition of the staff and the nation, thus projecting the Group's Malaysian image. The flowers comprise coloured bracts (leaflike structures) that resemble petals which fuse together denoting unity, togetherness, harmony of the Management and staff working in synergy towards the achievement of corporate goals.

The Bougainvillea is a hardy flowering plant which survives best under conditions of stress, symbolising the strength and resilience of the Group as well as embodying the spirit of the Group which strives and thrives at all times.

Certain varieties of the Bougainvillaea have thorns on their stems to protect the plant from harmful elements. Similarly, the Group can be perceived to have the necessary security to protect and shelter its customers.

The Bougainvillea which originated from South America was introduced to Europe in the 19th century and later to Asia, Africa, Australia, Malaysia and other countries. It is widely cultivated in Malaysia and is commonly used to enhance commercial complexes, high-rise buildings, recreational areas, homes as well as in the Government's beautification programme throughout the nation.